Covenant Daughters of Promise


Covenant Daughters - "Grace Project"



Grace Project offers one on one ministry to Women through seminars, workshops and conferences designed to discuss and focus on female issues.  

Our program provides assistance to women through educational programs.  Our programs include: literary appreciation, physical fitness, financial fitness, professional development, leadership development, and personal development.

The program teaches life skills, occupational skills and career building  while also stressing spiritual growth and self confidence. The philosophy of our program is "each one reach one , each one teach one."  Each program graduate is encourage to sow back into the program through mentoring and volunteering to help the next class of women.  

Life Skills Training: Group sessions that identify destructive life patterns, give practical biblical strategies for change. 

Intensive Retreats Workshops: There are five workshops, which target specific areas such as self-esteem, communication, goal setting, organization skills, financial management

Career Planning: There are six personalized sessions, which  evaluate the individual's talents and abilities and assist with job or education placement.







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