Focos Orthopedic Hospital - Ghana Focos Orthopedic Hospital - Ghana Pastor Trice & Bishop Cathy Initial arrival at Focos Hospital to visit children flown in from Ethiopia and Liberia for spinal surgery 172759520 Pastor Trice Visiting Focos Patients Pastor Trice visiting with one of the patients awaiting spinal surgery 172759518 Bishop Cathy with children Outside in corridor area 172759515 Focos Angel This little girl was all smiles and glad to see new visitors 172759516 Focos patients in recreation area 172759519 Pastor Trice & children Pastor Trice enjoyed chatting with the children and answering their numerous questions 172759522 Focos Patients These two girls were drawn to Pastor Trice and followed her throughout the hospital 172759523 Bishop Cathy with patient 172759517 Focos Patients in recreation area 172759521 Bishop Cathy and children Bishop Cathy saying goodbye to the children prior to departure 172759524 Pastor Trice and Patient Pastor Trice encouraging one of the patients 172759525 Bishop Cathy with patients 172759526 Focus Orthopedic Hospital - Ghana 172759527