Covenant Daughters of Promise


                              The Legacy Program

 "To every thing there is a season; and a time to every purpose under heaven. Therefore withhold not good from them to whom it is due, when it is in the power of thy hand to do it." Ecc 3

Daughters of Promise Legacy Program marks the significant milestones in a young womans development, initiating them into healthy, responsible adulthood through training, mentoring, community service and more.

They are opportunities for acknowledging a young womans "coming of age" by honoring her growth and changes, answering questions and helping her find and be introduced into society. The Legacy Program Instructions are given monthly over 12 months. A the end of the Program Daughters of Promise are introduced into society at  "The Legacy Ball."


The Legacy Program Outline:  

Legacy 1 - Orientation
Emphasizes Christian Leadership as a beacon and major standard of living.

Legacy  2 - How to use the Bible
Navigate and utilizing the Bible as a life tool of everyday life resource.

Legacy 3 - The Road Map to Success
Setting short and long-term personal/career goals.

Legacy 4 - Biblical Family Relationship
Provides direction to build and maintain healthy, supportive family relationships with parents and siblings.

Legacy 5 - Money Management
Strong focus on financial management including saving, investing and entreprenueship.

Legacy  6 - Community Involvement/ The Great Commission
Emphasizes the responsibility of community building by supporting missions efforts locally and in Africa.

Legacy 7 - Attitude Is Everything!                                               Explores the impact of peer pressure.

Legacy 8 - I'm Worth The Wait / Dealing With Peer Pressures 
Restoring confidence in saying No and celebrating sexual purity and includes a health component that focus on abstinence.

Legacy  9 - Get It Off Your Chest / Conflict Resolution
Teaches patience,  positive ways to confront anger

Legacy 10 - Etiquette Finesse
Highlights professional dressing, personal grooming, and everyday standards of etiquette.

Legacy 11 - Dining Etiquette
Introduction to fine dining.

Legacy 12 - Program Review
An overall review of the program

"The Legacy Ball"



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